How can we help venues and events?

We'll promote your events on the DJs 4 AMNESTY website and on our social media sites. You can choose from a wide selection of talented DJs covering all musical styles. We’ll provide you with details of each DJ, including demos of their mixes for you to hear before you make your choice. Should you so wish, we can also assist you in developing and cultivating nights under the banner of DJs 4 AMNESTY.
Aside from providing you with quality DJs and fantastic promotion, we will also be giving you the chance to support an excellent charity.

How to make a booking through DJs 4 AMNESTY?

You can email us directly or send us a message via Facebook or Twitter. Alternatively you can reach us via the contact number provided. Just describe the style of night and music you're looking too play. You’ll then be provided with a choice of DJs, as well as any other helpful suggestions or assistance to make your event a success.
Apart from minimal travel costs incurred by our DJs, all donations are made directly to Amnesty International. We will provide you with their contact details and Amnesty will give you a receipt of payment. Simple!

How we can help DJs?

We will personally promote you to venues and events that suit your DJ style. It’s also an excellent way to get gigs, market yourself and network with other DJs. Once you're registered we can provide you with our promotional cards to secure bookings yourself, putting on your own events under the DJs 4 AMNESTY name if you wish to do so. Our aim is to broaden our members’ access to a wide variety of events and clubs, creating amazing nights and generous donations for Amnesty.

How to register as a DJs 4 AMNESTY DJ?

It couldn’t be easier! We just require a photo of you as well as any mixes you want to pass on. Then we just need a brief breakdown of the kind of music you like to DJ and a history of where you’ve played, along with any other DJing or musical accomplishments. We’ll then create a profile of you on the website and we’re good to go!